Opera 10.10 Unite, out in Final !

  1. Eroticus

    We just pushed out the final builds for Opera 10.10, and it comes with Opera Unite. Opera 10.10 is the first public stable version of the Opera desktop browser which comes with Opera Unite. This is a major milestone as all the public builds of the Opera desktop browser will now come with Opera Unite.

    Opera Unite has come a long way since the alpha version released in June. We've fixed bugs, added features, refined development libraries and polished the applications and the documentation. Thanks to all the testing you guys helped us out with, Opera Unite now sits in the good books of our QA team as well

    To celebrate this, we have revved up the Weekly application challenge and we will announce a new application every day this week. Keep an eye out for new applications at http://unite.opera.com/applications

    Download Opera 10.10
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